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Rules and Information, Please Read

Please follow these rules:


  • Post or link to anything that has an adult or pornographic nature, this is a family website.
  • Post offensive, racist, or abusive content
  • Discuss politics or religion, people from different cultures will be able to view this forum, so be respectful
  • No spamming, spamming is joining the forum and just putting random posts that have nothing to do with the topic of this forum.
  • Create a duplicate account, this is where you create one account and then create another, all this does is cause confusion.
  • Create shared accounts, where 2 people use one account, again this just creates confusion, instead create two different acounts

The main rule is: Have a fun and educational time, and feel free to ask as many questions as you like Smile

If you don't follow these rules, you will receive warnings, repeat offenders may be banned!

Unimog Club UK, or any associated member, takes no responsibility for any information posted, or any items sold over this forum.

If you are having problems using the forum, please post in the "How do i do this ?" section. if you are having trouble making a post, please email clubunimog@gmail.com

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